WiFi Speaker System

WiFi Speaker System

Wifi paging systems uses an existing network as the transport to create a complete communication system to make live announcements, set warehouse or school bell schedules and play music. The systems consist of high-fidelity speakers and an app that can be on a smartphone, PC or Mac.

The advantage of wifi speakers is that they can be placed at any location that is covered by Wi-Fi network. Place the speakers where they are needed and plug them into a standard electrical outlet. The software which controls the varies functions is intuitive and user friendly.

The software gives a complete control of the audio communication so that it can be tailor to the organization. It is an excellent school speaker system or can be used as a factory break bell system.

As a Wi-Fi school PA system,a school bell tone can be scheduled to play at the correct time. Live announcements informing teachers and students of the day’s activities are delivered in perfect clarity with advanced high-fidelity speakers.

School Emergency Announcements

School emergency announcements for weather or manmade problems are important for the safety of school administrators, teachers, students and visitors. The number one device or method to communicate directions or necessary action is audio communications. The audio communication can be live voice or recorded messages.

The WiFi system can make live announcements from a computer or from a smartphone. This ability provides an element of flexibility that offers the best practices in a difficult position.  A school principal out on the campus may notice a potential problem and make a live broadcast to an individual speaker, a group of speakers, or make an All Call.

School Bell System

A school bell system has a direct impact on the quality and quantity of teaching time. Teaching time is very limited and precious minutes each day can easily waste because the school day or a school period is not frame correctly. School bell systems have probably been around since electric. Their purpose has always been the same to keep the school day efficient by framing it with an audible ring.

A school public address system a variety of tones to be played at a scheduled time. A bell tone, chimes, a pre-recorded voice, any audio file play can be played at a scheduled time. The perfect accurate reliable school class change schedule.

Advantage of WiFi Speakers for Schools

Today’s IP speaker systems provide the opportunity to either use wired Ethernet or wireless Wi-Fi. Wired Ethernet PoE Speaker enable a speaker to be install at a location where electricity is easily available. PoE stands for Power over Ethernet. The power to the speaker is provided via the Ethernet cable. This is its advantage.

WiFi school speakers must be powered via an electrical outlet. However, most of the time in a classroom or in a hallway there is available electrical power. The clarity of the sound coming from a speaker built for music is that the technology gives produces clarity surround sound, therefore, exact placement is not a major factor. Typically, wifi is everywhere which only adds value to the operation aspect of the system.