Pace of Play Clocks

Thank you for helping us receive the clock for our tournament. The clock was a big hit, it is fabulous and looks like it could be found in London!

The Stuart Yacht & Country Club – FL

The clocks are a huge improvement, our school needed synchronized timing, it works perfect and is maintenance free!

Our Lady of Mount Carmel School – OH

We picked the Cambridge clock from Chomko LA after doing much research. It was exactly the look and fit we desired with a superb value. We could not be happier

Morgan Creek Golf Club – CA

Pace of Play Clocks

A smoothly running pace of play on the golf course improves the experience of both golfers and staff members. There are a myriad of factors that combine to create the overall feel of a course, but the one that is most frequently discussed as a problem by players is pace of play.

This is most likely because pace of play has such a direct impact on players, but there is very little they can do about the speed of the party in front of them without being discourteous.

This, then, is a perfect opportunity for course management to step in to solve this issue on their behalf. Golf course management teams around the world have tried many solutions over the years, but pace of play clocks stand out as one of the most effective and least offensive answers to this problem.

Problems Maintaining Pace of Play

In order to understand the subtle brilliance of pace of play clocks, it is necessary to understand the challenges of pace of play.

On any golf course, there is a comfortable average speed with which golfers can progress through eighteen holes. There are quick players, and there are meandering players, but in between there is a happy medium. Pace of play issues typically arise in the form of one party being required to wait while the party ahead of them finishes a hole.

This is uncomfortable for the group being observed as well as the group left kicking their heels. Regardless of which foursome we are looking at, the players all feel that the natural flow of their round has been interrupted.

Solution – Pace of Play Clocks

Pace of play clocks help players to self-regulate their speed as they round the course. This is an ideal golf slow play solution, because no awkward conversations or formal announcements are required.

Many slow players do not realize how long their unhurried enjoyment of a round has delayed other groups. Speedy golfers may not realize that they are, in fact, putting unnecessary pressure on the group ahead

Installing pace of play clocks gives everyone on the course the tools they need to assess their own tempo, so that they can make the correct adjustments and be considerate of their fellow golfers. Civility and dignity are hallmarks of golf as a sport. Choosing pace of play clock as a slow play solution helps to support the continuation of these time-honored values of the game.

Pace of play clocks are offset by the pace recommended for the course, so players only need to remember they’re tee time. Let’s say your club recommends reaching the third hole thirty minutes after teeing off. The pace of play clock at the third hole can be set to run thirty minutes slow. It would be a 30-minute offset.

As players arrive at the third hole, they will see the clock. If they’re tee time is displayed on the clock, they have confirmation that their pace is suitable for the course. If they’re tee time has already passed on the clock, they will know that they are falling behind and hasten the proceedings. No confrontations are required.

With the glance of an eye, players are able to maintain both pace of play and general friendly feeling.

What is the Optimal Pace of Play

The people who live and breathe a course every day are best qualified to determine its ideal pace. These players, managers, and maintenance staff are also likely to have a good idea of where the most common pacing pitfalls are. They will be delighted to be consulted to help solve this problem.

Perhaps there is a breathtaking design feature that tempts players to pause and admire it. Maybe there is a particularly troublesome hazard. Once a course’s management have identified the problem areas, they will be able to place pace of play clocks to smooth out these trouble spot and keep pace moving.

Here at Chomko LA, we have seen courses experience the most success with a set of five clocks distributed across eighteen holes, starting at the first tee. Two clocks can be placed on the front nine holes, and two clocks can be placed on the back nine holes.

You have some options from having clocks affixed to the walls of shelters or the side of smooth stone features. Clocks can also be mounted to a frame attached to a post.

A Frame clocks could also be the perfect choice.  A Frame clocks are moveable. They can be filled with water or sand for stability, once they are placed. A Frame clocks are usually green, so that the frame blends in and does not detract from the beauty of the surrounding landscape. The frames can also be customized at the Chomko LA workshop to more appropriately suit the style of any course. They are particularly nice at the first tee and the tenth tee.

Driving Range Clock

In addition to on course pace of play clocks it may be important to unite the driving range or practice area with the first tee. These wonderfully looking old world clocks will easily unite your practice area to the first tee. Getting your golfer ready and on-time.

These vintage type are available in single, double, and four faced varieties, and their styles range from the traditional elegance of the “King” and “Queen” to arresting contemporary designs. Chomko LA’s post clocks for sale include both solar powered post clocks and electric post clocks.

Where to Begin

If pace of play problems are diminishing player and staff enjoyment of the game on your course, proceed directly to the best solution, pace of play clocks. At Chomko LA, we have the experience and product range to create the optimal resolution for you.  Please give us a call today or hit the quick quote buttons to get a free quote.

A Great Round of Golf is One that is Played at a Good Pace

Last year the Entrada Pro Shop at Snow Canyon Country Club needed to take positive steps to maintain a great pace and they installed accurate and reliable clocks on the course. Now with a glance of an eye players keep their pace and Golf is fast and enjoyable!

Keeping the Pace of Play at Club de Polo in Chile, South America

Golf courses are adopting this wonderful golfer oriented approach to slow play with Golf’s Game Clocks.

The clocks on the course are a natural fit with the game. Golf is the only game where players call penalties on themselves and instinctively will abide by the pace of play time displayed on the clocks.

To understand and learn more about how the solution works please click here to see your clock options and more detail information: Golf slow play solution

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Proactively Manage your Pace of Play

  • With a Glance of the Eye – Players Keep their Pace Throughout 18 Holes
  • Excellent Customer Service Approach
  • Increase Play by Being a Course Where Pace of Play is Pro-Actively Managed
  • We Recommend 5 Clocks per 18 Holes Starting at the 1st Tee

The Golf Pace of Play Clocks are strategically placed at key holes and are a friendly positive way to keep play moving. The clocks set the course’s pace thereby improving everyone’s enjoyment of the game.

We also offer Golf A-Frame signs that can be placed at the practice green or the driving range. If you are looking for this type of solution is please visit Golf A-Frame Options. As with all our products we take extra care in our quality and service. The A-Frames are constructed with excellent hinges and strong weighted weatherproof boards for enhanced stability.