Bell Systems

Thank you for helping us receive the clock for our tournament. The clock was a big hit, it is fabulous and looks like it could be found in London!

The Stuart Yacht & Country Club – FL

The clocks are a huge improvement, our school needed synchronized timing, it works perfect and is maintenance free!

Our Lady of Mount Carmel School – OH

We picked the Cambridge clock from Chomko LA after doing much research. It was exactly the look and fit we desired with a superb value. We could not be happier

Morgan Creek Golf Club – CA

Bell Systems

Bell systems are important for schools, warehouses and factories. They will ring to signal a class change, a lunch break or the start of a work shift.

We have basically two systems. One system is where an actual physical bell or buzzer will ring. This type of system is controlled by a bell controller and acts as a rely turning the buzzer on and off at a scheduled time.

The system is quite easy to install, and the scheduling occurs on the bell controller’s internal webpage. Access the controller device with any browser. In the browser the bell schedule is entered and activated.

Twenty different schedules can be created and there are two circuits accessible two different schedules operating from one unit is an option. If there are two distinct areas operating on different bell schedules by assigning circuit one to Area A and circuit two to Area B accurate and mutually exclusive bell schedules are executed.

The units can really turn any electrical device on and off at a scheduled time. If a factory needs to comply to an OSHA requirement or just requires a factory break bell for operational efficiency see the factory buzzer page.

Speaker System Tones

A speaker system playing tones at a scheduled time is also a perfect method to not only signal a factory break or a school class change but also provide many other functions. Live broadcast, the playing of pre-recorded messages and audio communications during emergencies.

The choice between PoE IP speakers and Wi-Fi speakers depends on what is available at the facility. Speaker systems just like physical bells can be for both indoor and outdoor use. The scheduling software for the bells is simple to use and there are no reoccurring software charges associated with it.