Factory Bell Systems

Factory bell systems can signal a break, lunch time or an emergency situations at a plant or warehouse. There are a number of ways to tailor make this to the facility. If the need is to signal a scheduled break or the start and end of the day a bell controller can be employed. If the need if more comprehensive by including notification going to speakers, desk phones, smartphones and computers this can also be accomplished.

The ringing of a buzzer or bell is accomplished by putting a bell controller within the facility. The bell controller would be connected to your network with a Ethernet cable and the bells wired to the controller. The controller can accommodate a single bell or multiple bells.  The scheduling application resides within the controller on its web page which is accessible by any normally used browser. Multiple schedules can be created.

Informacast Speakers

Informacast speakers are able to play a bell tone at a scheduled time. The software can incorporate mobile alerts to employee mobile devices adding an additional communication channel. This allows remote workers to gain an understanding of a situation and may result in quicker reactions.

The system can send notifications to on-premise networks like digital displays and computer desktops in addition to the speaker or paging devices.


  • LockDown Alerts
  • Multiple Location Notification
  • Hazardous Chemical Alerts
  • Activation of Eye Washing Stations

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