IP-PoE Paging Intercoms

Thank you for helping us receive the clock for our tournament. The clock was a big hit, it is fabulous and looks like it could be found in London!

The Stuart Yacht & Country Club – FL

The clocks are a huge improvement, our school needed synchronized timing, it works perfect and is maintenance free!

Our Lady of Mount Carmel School – OH

We picked the Cambridge clock from Chomko LA after doing much research. It was exactly the look and fit we desired with a superb value. We could not be happier

Morgan Creek Golf Club – CA

IP-PoE Intercoms Speakers

A full line of paging public address system products is available. Every customer has different budgets and concerns they are attempting to solve. The experience and industry knowledge to provide the right solution for the vast variety of customers is an advantage.

The advantage of a IP or Ethernet based speaker system is that it works on existing Ethernet. The devices can receive the necessary electrical power from network or from a standard electrical outlet.

The software would reside on a computer on the Ethernet network. The software is easy to use and training is provided at no cost. Also have Singlewire Informacast compliant speakers that enable an organization to put in place a complete mass notification system.

A unified communication platform can provide with operational and emergency communications to a number of different devices on premise and off premise.

Every project is evaluate by our team and typically provide a few different options based on the specific needs are generated. The result is a perfect solution not only in price but also in value and performance.

A better product at an affordable price is what Chomko LA does exceedingly well. It is backed up with an outstanding warranty and lifetime free technical support.

Customers rely on our expertise to the provide the best solution for them. Let us successfully solve the audio communication needs.

IP Indoor Speakers

A variety of indoor speakers ranging from hallway speakers, single room speakers and intercom speakers will provide the necessary configuration for most organizations. There are several paging system options that allow an organization to get exactly what they need.

These paging systems are scalable solutions, they allowseveral devices to be deployed and as the requirements change be it functionally or budgetary the system allows for basically unlimited growth.

Another important element of our audio public address paging system is that that the bandwidth requirement is low. These devices will not over tax the Ethernet Network. Audio does not require much bandwidth.

Audio Mass Notification is a critical part of an emergency communication plan. A unified communication platform makes critical communications and operational communication synchronized and dependable.

School Bell Scheduling

Bell tones are something that our speaker systems do particularly well. The software that runs the system is extremely user friendly, so when looking at scheduling, like bell schedules, it is easy to create schedules, create multiple schedules, activate schedules, and change from one schedule to the next.

A school bell system is an important aspect of the school day. It allows administrators, teachers and students to maximize teaching time. A reliable and accurate school bell system can be very beneficial.  Please click the quick quote form to get a free quote.

IP Outdoor Speakers

IP – PoE Outdoor speakers are ideal for broadcasting critical communications. Many campus environments need the ability to broadcast critical communications throughout the campus in times of emergencies and for day to day operations.Designing systems that can meet the need of large or small campus type environments is available to customers. Our experience and expertise enable us to provide cost effective systems that meet today’s objectives and can be scaled as needed.It can be one outdoor horn speaker to broadcast to a certain defined area or a multiple speaker system to broadcast to a large area.

Informacast Speaker Message Displays

As a premium partner for Informacast software. The software allows a broadcast to severaldifferent types of devices. During a lockdown situation a text message, a strobe a pre-recorded message and/or live voice instruction can be transmitted.The assortment of digital displays that will display accurate time, critical messages, informative messages and alarms from different manufacturer provides different features and functions. These displays include different sizes of speakers and message display areas. Part number ipscm-rm is a ceiling speaker with no visual communications aspects. Part number ipsignl-rwb is a large digital display for large gathering areas, whereas, ipswdr-wp is perfect for a smaller type room. Additionally, a number of these boards include strobe lights for enhanced emergency communications.Our systems are simple to install, easy to use and maintenance free. We provide lifetime free support. Please hit the quick quote button to get started today.