School Bell Systems

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The Stuart Yacht & Country Club – FL

The clocks are a huge improvement, our school needed synchronized timing, it works perfect and is maintenance free!

Our Lady of Mount Carmel School – OH

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Morgan Creek Golf Club – CA

IP-PoE Intercoms Speakers

School Bell systems are just as important today as they were many years ago when they were first installed in K-12 schools. They help principals and teachers fully use teaching time. Technology has given schools the advantage or flexibility of using this asset.

Physical bells have been enhanced by the software that controls the ringing of the bells. First, is the time source for the bells. Never has there been a time in which a bell system has been so accurate and in sync with other time devices.

The time source is NTP time. This stands for network time protocol. Therefore, the time that all network technology operates on in the school is the same tie to the bell system will operate on. Everything is in sync. It is simple and easy.  Frankly, there is nothing that needs to be done during the installation of the school system. It is pre-programmed into the software and once installed it works flawlessly.

The ringing of physical school bells occurs by connecting a bell or bells to a bell commander or controller unit. Depending on the school the maintenance department or facility personnel can accomplish the task. Alternately, an electrician completes the work in under a couple hours.

The bell wired to the bell commander allows the software to control the turning on or off the bells. In the software enter the times the bells need to ring and how long the will ring for. In most case the duration is set for 5 seconds. However, it can be from one second to hours.

PA System Bell Commander Software

Another very appealing school bell scheduling approach is to have tones played over a school speaker system at a scheduled time.  The school PA system function as a bell commander delivering the tones at the precise time of the start of the school day, class changes and dismissals.

One of the distinct advantageous of this system is that a choice of what audio file to play to signal the start and end of the event, such as, a class change is provided. The available tones are endless. Bell tones, Chimes and any pre-recorded sound.

Additionally, the installation of an IP school speaker systems is very straightforward. Depending if the school has Ethernet or LAN cables available or WiFi available. The old public address speaker system with expensive head end equipment and service contracts are a thing of the past.

IP speakers connected to the computer network as wireless speakers using Wifi or as LAN based speakers connected to the Ethernet via a patch cable. The intuitive software makes it easy for scheduling of bells, live announcements and the playing of music.

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