Golf Course Clocks

Thank you for helping us receive the clock for our tournament. The clock was a big hit, it is fabulous and looks like it could be found in London!

The Stuart Yacht & Country Club – FL

The clocks are a huge improvement, our school needed synchronized timing, it works perfect and is maintenance free!

Our Lady of Mount Carmel School – OH

We picked the Cambridge clock from Chomko LA after doing much research. It was exactly the look and fit we desired with a superb value. We could not be happier

Morgan Creek Golf Club – CA

Golf Course Clocks

We offer a full line of Golf Course Clock options from customized Pace of Play Clocks to Elegant Solar and Electric Post Clocks.

Time is one of the most important elements for everyone involved at a golf course, country club, or resort, from the patrons and members to the business owners. When time displays are accurately managed at a golf course, players can arrive to tee time promptly and prevent slow play throughout the game.

They can make the most of their time on the course and minimize potential wait times for other players and groups across the course. Strategically placing several clocks at major holes of a golf course ensures that patrons and players can enjoy their rounds while keeping track of their pace of play at a convenient glance.

This improves the experience of all players while also optimizing business operations. This allows the club to operate at a higher and more efficient level while providing excellent service and promising outstanding experiences for the patrons, and everyone involved.

Solar & Electric Post Clocks

Solar & Electric Post Clocks combine old world charm with advanced technology. Unite your Driving Range, 1st Tee & Practice with a beautiful post clock that not only aesthetically enhances the grounds, but gets everyone one at the same accurate reliable time.

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Pace of Play Clocks

Pace of Play Clocks on the golf course is the #1 solution to slow play. This is a customer friendly service approach to solving slow pace of play and improving the overall fun and enjoyment at your course. Nobody walks past a clock without looking at it;

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Clubhouse Clocks

Clubhouse Clocks– The clubhouse is the hub of the golf course. Install an accurate golf clock timepiece outside to get all of your members and players on the
same “golf course time”.

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Entrance Way Clock

Many clubs greet their members and guests with a post clock when they pull up in the driveway at the entrance of a clubhouse or a golf course. Inviting a handsome clock face to serve as one of the friendly faces greeting visitors on arrival makes for a memorable impression. This entryway post clock adds for a welcoming touch as well as a strategic one, as it gives customers the initiative and confidence to set a timeline as soon as they arrive at the club. They can then check in, gather their things, and gauge what they need to accomplish and how much time they need to do so before heading out to the first tee to start their golf round.

This is all critical because keeping accurate and reliable time goes hand-in-hand with the self-governing rules of golf. The game doesn’t assess a “Delay of Game” penalty and golfers are responsible for getting to the first tee on time and moving thought their rounds at a good pace. At every United States Open Championship, a post clock is placed at the driving range or practice tee to assist golfers with determining how much time they have before the tournament begins.

There are many smart options on where to place clocks across a golf course or country club. From an entryway to the clubhouse, to the practice area, to a set of pace of play clocks developed for the course itself, these clocks all serve essential roles. Mounting multiple clocks across the landscape is a practical approach which allows golfers to keep track of time even while they are on the move.

Chomko LA has equipped golf clubs all over the world with beautiful, reliable, and maintenance-free clocks. Our solar-powered, GPS-accurate driving range clocks can be customized to best match the look of your landscape and the personality of your club. We design timepieces that are elegant and functional, and when put to work on the golf course, they ensure everyone can move from the practice area to the first tee, and through the game at an enjoyable and appropriate pace.

Golf Slow Play

Members and guests always appreciate when pro shops take a proactive approach to solving the prevalent problem of slow play on the golf course. In most cases, all a golfer needs when playing too slowly is a friendly but firm reminder to speed up their game. Chomko LA offers a top-notch line of pace of play golf clocks, designed to issue such reminders to any foursome moving through a course. With the prevalence of these highly visible and easily readable clocks, players will prioritize controlling their pace of play as they complete their round of golf.

With just five accurate and synchronized clocks, we can implement an effective program to manage the speed of a round of golf, thus achieving an elegant solution to the problem of slow play. One clock is placed on the first tee and set to display the tee time at the beginning of the round. Then, two clocks are set on the front nine, perhaps at the fourth tee box and the seventh tee box. The remaining two clocks are mounted on the back nine, often at the twelfth and fifteenth hole. Golf operations will then determine how long it should take a foursome to arrive at each of these tees (here, the fourth and seventh, then twelfth and fifteenth), and the clocks at these holes are offset accordingly.

For example, if the pro shop says that players who are playing at an acceptable pace would arrive at the fourth tee one hour after their tee time, the fourth tee would be offset by one hour. Therefore, a group that tees off at 9:00AM and is playing at a fair pace would arrive at the fourth tee to find that clock displaying 9:00AM as well. This means that every golfer only needs to remember their tee time, simplifying any other time tracking that would diminish from their enjoyment of the game.

If a group gets ahead of the recommended pace of play, they can celebrate and continue with their rounds. If a group falls behind, realizing this will put a little spring into their step, and give them the motivation to catch up and arrive promptly to the next pace of play clocks on the course. Since it is very easy to fall behind on the golf course, but also quite viable to catch up, planting a small number of clocks in sight will naturally remind players to will pick up their speed and get back on track.

Solar Practice Area Clock

We offer a wonderful contemporary and premium line of street or tower clocks. They can be single or double-sided with a variety of style choices to accommodate the landscapes they inhabit. These clocks can be custom-made to suit your needs and even adorn with hand-painted nameplates. Mounting a nameplate at the base of a clock can personalize the clock for your community and transform it into a thoughtful dedication or tasteful memorial with which to commemorate a community member.

Our solar clocks use GPS as an accurate time source and receive a time update at 2:00AM every morning to ensure that they are 100% accurate twenty-four hours a day, every day. They also automatically adjust for daylight saving time, making them maintenance-free timepieces that will last for decades. The clocks are built to endure the outdoors and will become terrific landmarks that reliably represent your golf club in a unique and useful manner for generations to come.

Golf management is greatly improved with a solar clock at the practice areas.

Clubhouse Post Clock

When you want to create the perfect daytime and nighttime old-world clock for your country club, we recommend for you to consider our beautiful electric clocks. The entire clock can be exquisitely custom-made to suit your club’s needs and tastes precisely. A full top nameplate might be added to render the timepiece truly unique, and you can easily fit your complete name on the plate in any preferred font and style.

A bottom nameplate could be crafted in addition to the top or instead of it. This is similarly suitable for diverse purposes, such as commemorating a community member or marking the date an organization was founded. At night, the dial faces will illuminate with a soft and elegant glow to create a warm and enchanting nightscape. Illuminated to be readable at all hours of the day and built to be resilient throughout all the seasons of the year, this exquisite yet practical and weatherproof option is a powerhouse of a timepiece is guaranteed to serve as an enduring delight.

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