Informacast School Speakers

Thank you for helping us receive the clock for our tournament. The clock was a big hit, it is fabulous and looks like it could be found in London!

The Stuart Yacht & Country Club – FL

The clocks are a huge improvement, our school needed synchronized timing, it works perfect and is maintenance free!

Our Lady of Mount Carmel School – OH

We picked the Cambridge clock from Chomko LA after doing much research. It was exactly the look and fit we desired with a superb value. We could not be happier

Morgan Creek Golf Club – CA

Informacast School Speakers

It is difficult to ignore how unpredictable the world can feel the moment you send your child to school for the first time. Informacast school speakers provide you with the best method not only to handle normal operations in a school but the need to have the best for emergency response.

Schools are sites for learning, adventure, and bonds to be made, but any time human beings congregate in mass numbers, the chances of an unfavorable scenario increases. It is for reasons like this, and many less tension-baring causes, that Informacast IP School Speakers exist.

An emergency speaker system is a comprehensive, deeply reliable ecosystem of paging and receiving devices, designed to deliver the most routine school bell chime or the most urgent, unique warning.

Informacast has teamed with Cisco phones for many successful years now to create one of the fastest and most wide-reaching notification systems around, and when it comes to our schoolchildren, the chances we take on their safety should not take second-thought.

School PA Speakers

School PA speakers have myriad purposes to exist, the most common of which may be morning announcement and bells that signify the changing of classes throughout the school day. With crystal clear, premium phone-quality audio, indoor and outdoor speakers can not only deliver spoken word precisely, but foster a community of understanding and synchronicity in its goals and school spirit.

The announcement of pep rallies, state championships won, or mathletes triumphing will ring clearly through your halls either via ad hoc, rehearsed audio messages or spontaneous announcement.

Furthermore, with the advanced Informacast paging gateway, key leaders in the school can create an announcement via their synchronized cell phones all the way from the football field, for example, making communication more accessible and flexible than ever.

School Emergencies

And though we hope you never have the need for it, the flexibility of Informacast’s speaker systems is unrivaled for emergency situations like inclement weather, intruders, or even shootings. Our project managers are skilled to discuss and demonstrate all of our systems.

It is common knowledge in America that over half of all “mass” shootings occur in commerce or scholastic settings, and generally in less than 5 minutes. The ability of one teacher on one end of campus to send a notification discretely from their desk or cell phone could make the difference between an entire campuses’ safety or not.

Likewise, depending on the state or country that you live in, whether you’re in tornado alley or along the east coast awaiting hurricane season, IP network speakers will never fail to spread a message of taking shelter with incredible speed.

With a speaker configuration in place, triggers can be sent from a computer, designated-button, phone, etc.; in other words, it is much more likely that 100% of the intended people to be reached will receive the message. Furthermore, Informacast designs message-baring technology fit for almost any physical disability.

Between the active message boards, bright flashing lights, IP intercom systems, and alarms, again, the chances are tenfold that every one, even those physically disabled, will be able to decipher the issue and make their way to safety. Schools are designed to give equal opportunity to any kind of student, shouldn’t your communication system do the same?

In summary, children and adults alike rely on their school or university systems to keep them safe. Communication is perhaps the most indispensable mechanism we have to increase the chances that we protect our own, fostering a community of inclusion and opportunity to succeed in the long run.

When looking into a, IP speaker system for your school, consider just how quickly, efficiently, and reliably you’d like reach every single person you have implicitly agreed to take the very best care of.