Post Clocks as a Memorial

A Post Clock can deliver a long lasting memorial for a dear friend or family member that is no longer with us. Post clocks are available in a number of different styles, sizes and power options.

These tower clocks can be single sided, double sided, or four sided. The single sided versions are appropriate when the clock is located in a location where one of the sides is not viewable. For example, the clock could be positioned against a wall or a hillside. There is no need to have the time display on the backside because it is out of view. A large outdoor wall clock could serve this purpose as an alternative to a pole clock.

The double sided Post Clock stands at eleven feet high and allows a number of different options to memorialize a love one. The Cambridge Outdoor Clock Model is a reproduction of a vintage street clock with its beautifully designed upper nameplate and a lower nameplate.

The upper nameplate is typically a place to include the name of the city, town or golf club.  The lettering can either be raised or non-raised. The lettering can be done in a variety of fonts and sizes. The lower nameplate is perfect to include a person’s name and their time on earth.

A four sided clock tower provides a number of options for honoring an individual. The options will  depend on the type of four sided clock selected. Chomko LA offers three different styles to chose from and each model has a number of options for the remembrance of a loved one. Four sided clock towers are the most impressive of all the Post Clocks. To see additional images and more information please visit:

Four sided clock stand fifteen or sixteen feet tall.  The additional height is perfect for displaying the time  from any angle; a complete three hundred sixty degrees view.

The video created for Frosty Valley Golf Club proudly illustrates the memorial for a dear friend of many of the members of the club. It not only makes a beautiful statement of time but also a wonderful statement for a dear one that will last for decades.

As a solar time and an electric time company, Chomko LA builds both electric and solar street clocks. The solar street clocks are identical to electric street clocks in appearance except the one difference is the clock hands. The solar hands were specifically produced for the solar clock. The hands are ultra light to reduce energy consumption. The ultra light hands reduced the size of the solar panel to slightly less than two inches by four inches. Additionally, the Solar Clock’s obtains a time update daily via GPS and automatically adjust for daylight saving time.

The electric clocks have standard heavy gauge outdoor clock hands. An electric clock also allows you to have the clock faces back lit at night.

A Post Clock as a memorial is truly a unique and long lasting way to honor an individual or a family who have contributed so much to their city, club or university.

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