Post Clock – Senior Gift

Anderson University Senior Class of 2020 has decided to gift a beautiful custom double sided Chomko LA post clock as a senior gift. They are working on raising the funds to put this beautiful gift on their campus.

Chomko LA manufactures some of the finest custom built outdoor clocks in the world. Their street clocks are installed on main streets, courtyards, campuses and golf courses.

The Anderson University senior class gift will be a landmark measuring over eleven feet high. The clock is highly accurate and maintenance free. The Daylight Saving Time adjustments in both the spring and fall will occur automatically.

Anderson University is a selective, comprehensive university offering bachelor, master and doctoral degrees. The team at Chomko LA was honored to be selected to build a custom Cambridge Design Clock for the University.

A custom clock represents some of the finest characteristics of any organization; reliable, tasteful and enduring.

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