Electric Golf Course Post Clocks

Create a Milestone at Your Club with a Classic Customized Clock

Ideal for Clubhouses and Entrance Ways

We offer single, double and four-sided post clocks to golf courses, country clubs and resorts. We will design and produce the perfect custom clock for your organization.

4-Sided Post Clock

A 4-Sided Post Clock is truly a landmark clock; it makes a statement every time you see it.

The Surf Club in North Myrtle Beach wanted a clock for their course and our project managers worked with them to design the clock to their specifications. And what resulted was a magnificent timepiece that will leave a lasting legacy at their club for years to come.

Single & Double Sided

The Single and Double Sided Post Clocks are perfect for driving ranges, 1st tee and practice areas. Having a stunning custom post clock with accurate time will not only enhance the grounds, but get everyone on the same, reliable time.

Get the Perfect Clock for your Club

Our team will work with you from the start to ensure you are getting exactly the clock you envision for your club. As a manufacturer, we have the capability to fabricate any time of design you desire. Your street clock should be custom to your organization.

All of the Electric Golf Course Clocks come with the option of back lighting, ideal for resorts and country clubs that hold events/dinners at night.

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